Old-Fashioned Throat Drops

Flavorful Old-Fashioned Throat Drops

Suffering from a sore throat? Soothe the irritation with flavorful throat drops from Billy Boy Candies! You'll find an array of cough drops in different delightful flavors. 

Cough Drops in Various Flavors

  • New England Anise
  • New England Cinnamon
  • New England Cherry
  • New England Clove
  • New England Ginger Drops
  • New England Honey Licorice 
  • New England Peach Stones 
  • New England Spearmint 
  • New England Wintergreen
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New England Old-Fashioned Throat Drops and More

You’ll be delighted to know that we make our Throat Drops based on an old-fashioned recipe! We manufacture New England Old-Fashioned Throat Drops in many popular flavors such as horehound and lemon flavors. 

Drop by and purchase our tasty throat drops that are available in 13 oz or 3.75 oz bags. We also have chocolate lollipops and unique candies in a variety of flavors. 
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